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New Blog Design :)

Today, I redesigned the blog. The theme is inspired from the 4000-4033 era of Longhorn, where blue and Aurora could be seen on the desktop, Sidebar, taskbar. I hope you guys like it. I’m going to add support for high-resolution ’stretching’ of the posts soon, so users with resolution set to 1600×1200 and similar can […]

The official Professional Developer Conference 2005 web site has been launched, and event information, such as the tracks that are going to be discussed are available now. PDC 2005 is one of the most anticipated Microsoft events since Late 2003 when was the last PDC. Attendees will be able to see and hear about […]

Updated Section

Today I added 4 pages to the “Projects and Researches” section. Currently posted are the “Hoolie” Demo, Desktop Aurora, the joint-release “Sticky Notes In Longhorn 4074″ by WinMonKey and me, and the Xaml/Baml Files Viewer. I’ll keep updating the section with upcoming projects and works, such as concept applications/images, my own implementation of the Longhorn […]

Xaml and Baml Files Viewer

XamlViewer is an application written by me for the WinFX SDK (March 2005 CTP) Avalon bits. This CTP release has a bug with registering the Xaml file association. This little application fixes this, and in fact, even associates itself with Baml (binary, or compiled Xaml) files. The Baml files load faster by Avalon’s PresentationHost, because […]

It seems like an official download link to a web installer for WinFX SDK Beta 1 RC 1 has been leaked. Some people already have it now, and others are downloading it. I personally haven’t heard (yet) when Release Candidate 1 of Beta 1 should have been released officially, but I’m sure it’ll be soon. […]

On May 16, 2005, Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 was Released To Manufacturing, and the final Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 Documentation was released to the Office Online Resource Center at Microsoft Office site. A 120-day Evaluation version of Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 is now available at Microsoft Download Center, and it will be available through volume […]

Some of you reading this may already know that I’ve been working on a XAML code Editor with syntax checking/autocompletion capabilities. Well, here is the first public BETA release of it.
Xaml Editor 2005 is intented for use by both Developers and Longhorn Enthusiasts, learning to code in eXtensible Application Mark-up Language. The application provides code […]

Today I contributed my piece of research to the unofficial WIM Format Documentation - it’s regarding the WIM header, binary ImageListing format and some of the changes that could be seen in Windows Longhorn 5048’s WIM file (over the previous versions).
Header Format
08 bytes: Signature MSWIM\\0\\0\\0
04 bytes: Header length (including signature length)
04 bytes: WIM File Version
02 […]

The Visual Studio .NET Beta Experience Kit that I ordered on April 26th, has just shipped here.
The kit contains 3+1 DVDs:
1. Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 2 Team Foundation Server
2. SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition CTP
3. Visual Studio .NET 2005 Team Suite
4. - “Everything a developer needs to know about building applications with […]

Hello and welcome to my blog, now up and running.
Here you’ll find thoughts, news and media about the upcoming Microsoft Windows Operating System, Code Named Longhorn, as well as other beta programs and coding stuff. I hope you’ll find something new here, and enjoy your stay.

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