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GlassLib is a wrapper library for the Desktop Window Manager API and is to be used by developers which would like their applications to take advantage of .NET Framework and Windows Presentation Foundation in particular.
It can be used to control the Desktop Composition due to application requirements, create and reference Live Thumbnails of arbitrary windows, […]

Following the first part of the Tweak DWM from your programs series, we are going to explore the actual usage of the Desktop Window Manager API in a Windows Forms-based program. The test application–included in the source package–also makes use of GlassBar, an extension to the existing control set.
Using GlassLib in your program
GlassLib is going […]

With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a whole new window manager which provides a better experience to the user and an independent graphics surface to us developers by taking advantage of graphics acceleration hardware (your graphics card or integrated GPU).
In a three-part blog post, I will show you how to use a wrapper around the Desktop […]

Yesterday Microsoft released the whole series of language packs (34), including?Arabic, Greek?and Bulgarian. The latter will be useful to fellow Bulgarians running Windows Vista Ultimate or Enterprise–they are the only editions of Windows with support of language packs.
There were some?critic reactions to?Windows Vista Ultimate Extras?as a service because the team could not provide Windows DreamScene […]

I have recently worked on Windows Sidebar Styler and version 2.0.6 is now available.
Among the improvements is instant application of styles as well as the resizable Windows Sidebar feature. The latter is especially useful when Windows Sidebar is docked on the left. Added are more localizations and Alky for Applications is supported for use in […]

Microsoft is currently running a few campaigns for their partners, one of which is Windows Vista Partner Odyssey. It aims to bridge partners who have developed for the new platform or simply leveraged its power for their business. If you are one of those you can enter now — you stand a fair chance of […]

An updated version of Windows Sidebar Styler (v2.0.5) has been made available. Please check the previous post for download links as well as updated documentation.
Additions include support for Gadget resource localization, translations of the application UI, as well as fixed issues with VAIO. If you are interested in helping localize Windows Sidebar Styler in your […]

A new version of Windows Sidebar Styler available. Click here for more information.

Windows Sidebar Styler is an application which takes advantage of various technologies introduced in Windows Vista in order to provide extensions to the existing functionality of Windows Sidebar.
Custom styles allow users to customize the appearance of Windows Sidebar so that it fits […]

Content updates.

?I have recently updated the content of the Applications and Code and Project and Researches sections.
More specifically, updated is the Desktop and Preview Pane Aurora page, which now covers the development since early conceptual art, through various milestones, up to present day Windows Vista builds.
Added is a page describing ClockLock, a Windows application and service […]

Please note that this version of the application is no longer supported. Visit this page for the latest binaries.

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