In this section are added certain applications that I have developed, or helped develop. Included are also code snippets that I felt appropriate for posting.

Windows Sidebar StylerWindows Sidebar Styler takes advantage of various technologies introduced in Windows Vista in order to provide users with the ability to customize the appearance of Windows Sidebar and extend its functionality.

Fine-Grained Password Policy Tool leverages the security-related additions to Windows Server 2008 and provides high-level control over password restrictions applied below the “domain” level.

GlassLib for .NET encapsulates the functionality provided by the DWM API and allows you to easily use it from your Windows Forms and Presentation Foundation-powered applications.

ClockLockClockLock helps computer administrators limit other users’ computer activity based on a given time span.

Tree View Xml is used to browse and index directories or hard disk drives to XML data source files which can be used to create File System reports.

Xaml Editor provides features which make writing XAML code easy. These features include Auto-Complete and syntax highlighting.

WMiNFOWindows Media iNFO is a Windows Media Player 10 plug-in which can be used to share audio and video interests with others in web-logs and sites.

Xaml and Baml Files Viewer can be used to browse XAML and BAML (Compiled XAML) files easily. Versions for Avalon March 2005 CTP and Beta 1 RC.

Window Enumerating Helper is a class which can be used to find and enumerate windows based on their title, class name or handle.

Command-line progress barInternet Explorer URL Crawler uses native Win32 APIs to get the URLs for all open Internet Explorer 6.0 windows.

Command-line progress bar provides a visual indicator of progress in CLI programs.

Wav2Flac explores lossless audio, reading WAVE files and how to encode them to FLAC in C#.