ClockLock is an application which Software Developers, LLC developed and I helped implement certain portions of it. It helps computer administrators restrict users from using their computer based on a particular time of the day or night. A parent could use it to restrict their child’s access late at night. Similarly, ClockLock can be used as a tool to help deal with computer-related addictions or abuse.

ClockLockThe application interacts with the Windows XP operating system seamlessly and continuously enforcing the rules of the program as long as the computer and ClockLock’s service are running.

The Graphical User Interface application is accessible by both system administrators and normal users. If the current user is restricted, they can see the status of the service but not change its settings at all - they are encoded in the configuration file as well. The main form also features a friendly bar which reminds users when the license for the application is about to expire.

In the project are used advanced techniques, such as DLL hooking, for hiding the service from Task Manager so that restricted users cannot terminate it. Also featured is a sophisticated licensing system.

ClockLock: GUI Application ClockLock: License System

Designed for Microsoft Windows XP. Written in Visual Basic .NET; hook library is coded using C++.

The application is shareware, and an evaluation version is available for download at You can also visit Software Developers, LLC’s web-site.

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