Windows Sidebar Windows Sidebar Styler takes advantage of the new technologies introduced in Windows Vista?? in order to provide extensions to the existing functionality of Windows? Sidebar.

Custom styles allow for resizing and customizing the appearance of Windows Sidebar so that it fits other UI elements, such as the Aero Glass colorization or an actual third party theme. Designers could save their visual styles so that other Windows users could apply them. Designers would not necessarily create these files on Windows Vista - Windows Sidebar Styler is backward-compatible with legacy operating systems as well.

Gadgets are mini applications managed by Windows Sidebar. They can now take full advantage of Windows Presentation Foundation - the powerful managed code-oriented framework for presenting rich visual compositions such as vector graphics, 3D drawing, animations and more. In addition to that, it could be used in conjunction with Windows Communication Foundation in order for the Gadgets to connect to services and provide frequently updated information.

Using compiled class libraries also helps developers protect their intellectual property because the actual source code is not distributed.

The tight integration with the core of Windows Sidebar allows for extending the current set of features in Windows Sidebar by allowing users to customize its appearance and by providing a more powerful framework for building Gadgets and visualizing information.

Windows Sidebar Styler is available in a number of languages. Yours is not supported? Make sure to get in touch with me and it can be–in the very next version.

Sidebar Styler: WPF Gadgets Sidebar Styler: Integration with Sidebar

Sidebar Styler: Main Application Window and Custom Styles Sidebar Styler: Multilingual Support

Sidebar Styler: Main Application Window (Preview Mode) and Custom Styles Sidebar Styler: About

Designed for Windows Vista. Written in C#, C++ and Managed C++. Compatible with Alky for Applications.

Download: 32-bit, 64-bit v2.0.6/Aug 16th, 2007

Documents: Release Notes PDF, A Guide to Writing WPF Gadgets PDF, WPF Gadget Development Files

Styles: Gallery at WinCustomize

Help & Support: Frequently asked questions, Direct contact


If you would like to support the development of Windows Sidebar Styler, your donations would be greatly appreciated.

156 Responses to “Windows Sidebar Styler”  

  1. 1 Tina Walz

    great job, and nice idea

  2. 2 gianboy

    too bad doesnt work with VAIO :(

  3. 3 Stanimir Stoyanov

    gianboy, the extension has been proven to work correctly with VAIO b2. Please describe the behavior of your Sidebar.

  4. 4 gianboy

    the sidebar version is 6.0.6000.16386 under VAIO

    like i wrote you in the mail i sent you i got the confirmation message of style applied successfully but nothing change

  5. 5 Chris

    I see in the screenshots that resizing the sidebar is possible.
    I get a “feature is not available in current release” message under that option.
    I use Object Dock on the top of my screen and want to resize the sidebar so the top is reserved for the dock. A reply would be greatlt appreciated.
    Thanks Much!


  6. 6 Stanimir Stoyanov

    Chris, you will have to wait until next week when I will be releasing the next version. It does contain the resizing feature you would like to use.

  7. 7 Chris

    Thank you for your reply!
    i love your work, very impressed with it so far and can’t wait for the resize feature!

  8. 8 Chris

    So..i was really excited about the resize update…until i saw that it resizes left and right but not vertically?

    i can’t make it take up half the side of the screen vertically?
    am i missing something?




  9. 9 ricktendo64

    omfg cant wait to try it out…

  10. 10 bill needham

    does it just install OVER the old version?

  11. 11 J

    Did notice any difference at all. Maybe it do not work with Finnish Vista?

  12. 12 Kyrael

    doesn’t seem to work for me. it installs just fine but whenever i try to run the styler it just stays at the taskbar, it doesn’t maximize. im running XP SP3

  13. 13 Kyrael

    ok, i got it to show, but i still have a problem, it says An error has occurred while trying to load windows sidebar. i got alky for apps installed

  14. 14 Stanimir Stoyanov

    Kyrael, make sure you point WSS to the folder where Windows Sidebar is installed.

  15. 15 Kyrael

    i did, but it says “a generic error has occured while loading the executable file”

  16. 16 Chris L

    I just installed this proggie and ended up with the same results as Kyrael above

  17. 17 Stanimir Stoyanov

    Please answer the following, if they are x86 or x64:
    - Windows version (XP/Server2003/Vista)
    - Windows Sidebar flavour (patched/original)
    - Windows Sidebar Styler flavour (x86/x64)

  18. 18 Kyrael

    x86 and running windows version XP SP3
    i dont know if it’s patched or original

  19. 19 Stanimir Stoyanov

    For use in Windows XP you have to get the original Windows Sidebar x86 media as well as the Alky binaries. The latter are used to patch Sidebar for use in XP. I have not yet done tests under SP3.

    The mentioned generic error usually appears when the selected directory is not correct and when incompatible Sidebar flavour is available (e.g. x86 Styler plus x64 Sidebar).

  20. 20 cyx

    On XP SP2 with WSS installed, “Display Sidebar on monitor X” in Sidebar properties panel is ignored. Sidebar won’t move to the 2nd monitor when it’s set to ‘2′. Works fine with WSS uninstalled. Might work fine in Vista, but I have no way to check. Just a heads up, nothing major :) Thanks!

    Almost forgot! I’m using “Ricks_WindowsSidebar_AlkyXP1.0_AddOn_70818″ version of the Sidebar (Vista SP1 Beta)

  21. 21 cyx

    Me again, hehe…

    Turns out the problem goes away when the “Resizeable Sidebar” extension is disabled.
    It comes back when the extension is re-enabled. As long as it stays at the default size, all is well.

    My goof! I should have been more thorough.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. 22 Kadir

    I am running windows sidebar on my computer but somehow some gadgets dont work. CPU meter and recycle bin look like a white square. I cant see the pics of them and when I install sidebar styler on my computer(I have VAIO by the way) It encounters a problem closes itself. Can some1 help me:(

  23. 23 Kadir

    Can some1 send me a working sidebar for XP with styler and by the way I am running SP2 Turkish Version of XP. I will appreciate if u help me:)

  24. 24 Stanimir Stoyanov

    Kadir, this is not a malfunction on Sidebar’s part. Make sure you have Internet Explorer 7 installed with the most recent updates.

  25. 25 Kadir

    Thanx alot! The sidebar is working again:) But when I run styler and restart sidebar, It encounters a problem and closes itself:(

  26. 26 Kadir

    I really want sidebar styler on my comp:( I am using 5744 with VAIO

  27. 27 Jon

    OK, I must be very stupid!

    I just want to resize the sidebar. I have the latest version of your tool on Vista Home Premium but it seems to do nothing. I understand I should be just able to drag the edge of the sidebar to expand it, but can I, can I heck!!

    Tell me how stupid i am!


  28. 28 Jon

    Yeh. None of the styles seem to do anything at all. The sidebar flickers for a second but no changes are visible.


  29. 29 Joe

    Just a note for those having trouble with the resize feature. For the feature to work correctly (at least on my system) the sidebar must be located on the left side of the screen. Once you resize on the left, you can then move it back to the right hand side and then it will also resize on the right hand side of the screen.

    One thing though Stanimir, since i have installed the update around a third of the time when my computer restarts or when I turn it on in the morning, the sidebar does not open on the desktop. If you look in Running Processes there is one instance of sidebar.exe running and you have to End Task and then reopen sidebar and then everything is fine. Now I do have some gadgets that sit on my desktop along with on the sidebar if that may be causing it, maybe not.

  30. 30 Stanimir Stoyanov

    Thank you for the feedback. I am going to inspect this and make it a To-Do for the next planned version.

  31. 31 Rob

    Uhm, the application doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I can change styles (or load the styles that came with it) and hit Apply Style all I want, but it doesn’t change the Vista sidebar in any way. It displays a message “The selected style was applied successfully” but nothing happens.

    Am I missing something?

  32. 32 Samuele

    Me too. With Vista x64 (italian), i get “The selected style was applied successfully” but no new style applied. It seems that it s always applied the first one of my styles.

  33. 33 Phillip

    First, Thanks for doing some nice work on Sidebar Styler.
    I tried to put the Sample gadgets like XAML clock and WebShots on my Sidebar in XP but they never snap in place and are always floating on the desktop. Any hints why?

    My setup:
    WIN XP Pro sp2
    Sidebar v. 6.0.6001.16633
    Alky For Applications 1.0
    Windows Sidebar Styler 32-bit v2.0.6

  34. 34 Stanimir Stoyanov

    Rob, please provide me with more details of your configuration. Samuele, since you are using x64, are you using the 64-bit version of Sidebar Styler? Note that for some reason the 32-bit Sidebar might get started which will not show any changes.

    Phillip, docking of XAML gadgets is not yet supported due to the complicated nature of Sidebar. I plan on having this implemented in the next version.

  35. 35 eric yu

    my PC system is simple chinese language in win xp sp2
    i have been install the IE7 ,WMP11, Alky For Applications 1.0
    and the sidebar can work in my pc,the version is 6.0.6000.16386.then i install .net framework 3.0 befor install the Windows Sidebar Styler 32-bit v2.0.6,after the sidebar styler can display,.when i dbl click the wsstyles files,it shows “the selected style was applied successfully.” and in preview mode i can see the skin has been change,but the sidebar’skin didn’t change,still normal style
    what’s the problem?is the sidebar version too low?
    plz help me .if someone’s can working,plz send the sidebar to me or give a link to download

  36. 36 Matt

    sidebar styler isn’t changing styles for me, maybe i have some other softs missing.

    this is my config:
    xp home sp2
    .net 3.0

    hope you can solve this for me.

  37. 37 Samuele

    Yes, i’m using the WindowsSidebarStyler_x64.msi file.
    I’ve tried to reinstall it, but nothing. When i click the apply button, the taskbar flashes but always the first style in alphabetical order is applied.

    I’ve noticed two strange thing (but maybe there are normal):
    1) That style is applied even if i delete the style in the sample style directory (is it cached in someplace?).
    2) There are two sidebar process.

    The previous release worked.

  38. 38 Stanimir Stoyanov

    It appears many people have this issue. I will try to research this and post back ASAP.

  39. 39 Stanimir Stoyanov

    I noticed two cases in which Sidebar styles will not get applied:
    a) If, for some reason, the %AppData%\Windows Sidebar Styler\ directory is not writable and/or the LastUsed.wsstyles file is read-only. You can resolve this by deleting the file.
    b) If Sidebar is started elevated and Styler is not. In this case it is Windows Vista which disallows sending messages to its window.

  40. 40 Samuele

    Thanks, the first did the trick.
    Uhm there was also a sbres.dll file in that directory. Is it from sidebar styler or from something else? For now I’ve removed it.

  41. 41 Stanimir Stoyanov

    Samuele, sbres.dll was used in earlier versions of the program. It can be safely deleted.

  42. 42 Thomas

    I have Vista Business 32bit ENU with two monitors.
    I have my sidebar on the left edge of my second monitor, which is to the right of my primary monitor.

    Although the resize function does resize the sidebar, it also force its position to monitor 1.

    Is there a fix for this?

  43. 43 Hans

    very nice tool. thx for your job. it works well.

  44. 44 matti

    Hej you,

    your WSS is great…
    but if you can resize the sidebar you should take more than one gadget next to an other…

  45. 45 Stanimir Stoyanov

    matti, if you fill the whole first column, if there is enough space the rest of the gadgets will be placed on the right. This is the default layout.

    Thomas, I am trying to reproduce and fix this.

  46. 46 chris

    ok YEAH guys the resize works on either side you can resize it left and right….or stretch it horizontally..
    now why not vertically?? that would be a huge help and an amazing i missing something?? please someone reply to this thanks

  47. 47 Mill4ge

    I??ve got the same problem as Cyx and Thomas.

    I??am using two monitors and without WSS, it works without any problems to move sidebar between them.

    But with, it is always on the primary monitor without any possibility to change position :(

  48. 48 Mark

    I hve the same problem the styler is not applying the style and I have tried both of your fixes seems like a good program if I could get it to work

  49. 49 Anton

    I tried it using Windows Vista, and it just doesnt do anything, i first used a style downloaded somewhere else, after nothing happening i tried the default ones included, and NOTHING happened at all.

  50. 50 Anton

    Okay, it works after several restarts, but now i got some other problem, since the install when i maximizie my windows, they go behind the Sidebar, which just wasnt the case before i altered the appearance.

  51. 51 Jae

    hey is there any way that I can change the size of the gadgets?
    when u detach the gadgets from the sidebar it comes in its full size
    I want to be able to do that on the sidebar
    is there a way i can do that?

  52. 52 Luke Ballmer

    Resizing option produces no results for me. I am running Win Vista32 bit Premium, and I run the resize option, but I have no option to resize the sidebar, even after moving it to the left hand side of my monitor. What am I doing wrong, and How do I resize the window vertically? Please help. Thanks

  53. 53 Ali

    Dear Mr. Stoyanoff

    Thanking you in advance for your supports and efforts. Actually, I have recently installed this sidebar Vista Inspirat2 to convert my boring XP style into Vista and I have to admit that I’m so happy with its appearance and functionality. But, unfortunately there is a problem with my MS office 2007 files and documents. As long as sidebar is on process, when I doubleclick on my office files (i.e. xls, doc, etc) it takes a long long time to open, while when I open microsoft execl and try to open the file directly there is no problem an its fast. I’m sure this problem is caused by sidebar as far as, when I make it close, there is no problem with my office files. this trouble is only exist with my office projects and other ones such as pdf, Acad ets are working well. Even, sometimes I recieve an error prompt that says “there is promlem for explorer to send command to …” .
    it would be highly appreciated if you can help me to sort this out as I’m really enjoying this sidebar you have provided.

    Thanks again

  54. 54 pandemic1444

    Yeah, Uh, I downloaded the sidebar but when I apply a style nothing happens it says successful but nothing. I got it to work once by applying the style then restarting sidebar but after that I haven’t been able to do it. I am using windows vista home premium 32 bit.

  55. 55 EZE MJCSD

    i have been useing the windows sidebar alky install and its really cool and i downloaded your sidebar styler and have had no trouble changing the look of my sidebar im running windows xp
    pro and i just want to thank you for all your hard work on this project good job stan

  56. 56 Griffin

    Hi all!

    I originally had an issue where the styler would say that it has been applied, but it would just be black or nothing would show. Here is how I fixed it:

    Exit out of the sidebar completely (don’t just close it, but exit the program)
    Re-open the program in the start menu
    Enjoy your new sidebar style

    If that doesn’t work, you should try restarting your computer. This was using Vista.

    College and Beyond

  57. 57 antcodd


    I made a WPF sidebar gadget that does broadband cap monitoring using SNMP to get the information directly from the router. There is also a standalone version for people running xp :) . The two versions are identical except for gadget xml file, the sidebar styler only runs from the WPF so the extra code for the standalone version doesn’t run (tray icon etc), based loosely on the tutorial documentation from this site. It is available at if anyone is interested.

    Anyway, I have a problem that only seems to affect my computer. When Windows Sidebar Styler is installed (whether the DataCapper gadget is installed or not), the sidebar doesn’t start on startup. Only one instance of sidbar.exe starts with very low memory usage (not sure why two instances always start normally?), after killing that and starting it manually it works. I’ve tried reinstalling sidebar styler several times. but I don’t think it is being uninstalled fully as WPF gadgets still work (launchs the normal version unhosted but still automatically launched). I also have a problem where the standalone version AND the sidebar version both get launched by the sidebar and sometimes but not always the sidebar crashes when closing the gadget on exit. My friend doesn’t have any of these problems on two seperate computers.

    Can anyone help? I would just use the standalone version but that gets covered up by the sidebar if you use any of the sidebar gadgets (I added bring to top but this gets annoying). To fix that problem is the reason I made it work as a gadget as well in the first place.

    Love Windows Sidebar Styler when it works though :D

  58. 58 Kevin

    Im using a VAIO sidebar on my computer and i installed your program several times with alky and several time i installed the VAIO build. When i apply a style, the program says Succesfully, but nothing has changed. I tried restarting, deleting Last used in Appldata, and exit sidebar and restart again but it doesnt work for me. Any suggestions?

  59. 59 AFJ

    hi! im using vista ultimate x86..
    since i formattedweeks ago there r problems wit my styler n aero visual.
    i cant even prewiew the aero n my styler is not working at all…
    anyone can help??

  60. 60 Beny

    I have a problem. WSS not work with windows sidebar. when i try to open windows sidebar, the sidebar close itself. microsoft’s warning says that sidebar has encountered problem and sidebar will be closed automatically. Why this happen?

  61. 61 Beny

    I have a problem. WSS not work with windows sidebar. when i try to open windows sidebar, the sidebar close itself. microsoft’s warning says that sidebar has encountered problem and sidebar will be closed automatically. Why this happen? my specification windows xp sp 2, alky 1.0, .net 3.0 WM 11, IE 7, WLan API

  62. 62 samy


  63. 63 rbwilson

    Feature request: I would like for the gadgets in the sidebar to stack up from the bottom of the column, instead of drifting to the top, so I can use that display area for another purpose. Is this something you can accomplish with your sidebar styler? Thanks, Bob

  64. 64 Samio

    Hi, I have recently brought a new computer with windows vista. However when i started my computer up for the first time windows sidebar is automatically meant to be installed and come up, however it didnt and when I tried to manually activate it a box popped up saying ‘windows sidebar is managed by you systems administrator’ with only and OK box to click.

    I then checked to see if I was definately an administrator which I am and it seems that there is some other problem as I have tried various methods to activate it.

    Does anyone know how I can overcome this problem and make it work?


  65. 65 andy

    nice work, but it doesn’t work with two screens in dualview.
    i use the 64bit version with vista home premium.

    one prblem was that it need a lot of time to start the sidebar.

    hope you can fix it.

  66. 66 King Antonius

    The program will not skin my sidebar. Im running Vista Home Premium on a HP DV9000 Laptop.

    2.4Ghz Dualcore Amd Turion
    2 Gigs of RAM.
    320 Gig HDD
    256 Mb Nvidia Gforce 8400gs

    The sidebar flashes and refreshes itself and the program says it was skinned successfully. but no skin was applied

  67. 67 Johnny

    Doesnt work, no skin gets applied even if it says it. Running Dual View on Vista X64.

  68. 68 Tonev ( Bulgaria)

    Sidebar Styler works on xp but when you load style you have to restart your sidebar to load it ;)
    Sidebar Styler ???????? ??? xp ???? ?????????? ?????????? ????????????? ?????? ???????? ??? ?????????????? ?????????????? ?? ??? ???? ???????? ;)

  69. 69 George

    Please tell me how can i add gadgets on the sidebar.

  70. 70 soulcube

    my message is deleted…

    i have a problem…

    windows sidebar styler working on windows sidebar vista version…

    but not working windows sidebar for xp version… (ricktendo64 version)

  71. 71 sleepy

    great software, love it!!!

    i do have one problem, sadly im having problems with my dual monitor setup i cant get the sidebar to the 2nd screen eventho i went into properties andmade the arrangment to screen 2 on the right side, but it wont go for some reason.

    any idea?



  72. 72 Fuzzball

    I have a couple of feature requests:

    1. It would be great to have the undocked appearance of a gadget while docked in the SideBar. A good example is the Weather Gadget; it only shows the current weather while docked, but shows a three day forecast if undocked.

    2. It would be useful to be able to position a gadget anywhere within the Sidebar as if it wasn’t docked. There are a couple gadgets I prefer to keep to on the very bottom while still having the rest ordered normally.

    Obviously all of this is possible if I undocked everything and closed the Sidebar. Problem is my laptop screen and the external monitors I use when it’s on the docking station are different. I end up repositioning everything each time it’s on and off the docking station. The second request seems a bit more difficult to code from my understanding of how it all works. The first feature request is what I’d find the most useful.

    Take it easy.

  73. 73 Madrigal

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else. It flashes and then says the style is successfully applied, but then it does nothing. The sidebar is unchanged. Vista Ultimate X86.

  74. 74 Siddharth

    Same problem as many others… Sidebar says that the style was successfully applied, but nothing happens. The style remains the same. Though, this is happening after the first time I applied a style. The first time I applied a style, namely “Curved”, it successfully applied it. After that onwards, I am not able to revert back to the original nor apply a different style. Please help.

    And thanks for your wonderful work Stan. :-)

  75. 75 B

    Also would be nice to have an auto-hide feature

  76. 76 Padwan

    I can’t access sidebar anymore, must have accidentally deleted the files. How can one reinstall the files necessary for vista sidebar to run again?

  77. 77 sokhour

    I want to download window sidebar on windowxp.

  78. 78 Manfred-V


  79. 79 warawuth


  80. 80 remco


    I’ve tried everything but I can not seeing any downloaded gadgets. I’ve tried to completely remove windows sidebar and reinstall it; but i don’t see my downloaded gadgets. How is it possible?

  81. 81 george

    Hi Stanimir,

    My computer person disabbled rthe gadgest that I had in windows office 2007, stating that they woudl slow down my e-mail. How do I put them back?

    Tahsnk Jurij

  82. 82 george


  83. 83 Dan


    I am currently running vista on my laptop, and when i hook it up to my external monitor i use the sidebar option to put it on monitor 2 (my external). After I installed the sidebar styler, it only appears on monitor one even when i pick the monitor two option. Is there any way to fix this?

  84. 84 vidit singh

    it is good to use in xp sp2…and give amarvelous look to ur windows.

  85. 85 Erodrig9

    While using the styler I cannot move the sidebar to my secondary monitor. It will stay on the primary monitor even after setting it to the other monitor within the properties. Is this an issue that I can resolve?

  86. 86 Nick

    hmm i got the sidebar to show different styles but now it wont stay on top anymore :S even with stay on top clicked before i applied another style it ‘resized’my maximized windows so they couldnt get on top of the sidebar now they slip underneith it :(

    im running windows XP home edition sp2 (32bit) with .net 3 and all updates installed (ie7, wmp11) alky for applications and styler installed and im running Windows Sidebar v6.0.6000.16386 from ricktendo64

    thanks in advance


  87. 87 Nick

    hmm i got the sidebar to show different styles but now it wont stay on top anymore :S even with stay on top clicked before i applied another style it ‘resized’my maximized windows so they couldnt get on top of the sidebar now they slip underneith it :(

    im running windows XP home edition sp2 (32bit) with .net 3 and all updates installed (ie7, wmp11) alky for applications and styler installed and im running Windows Sidebar v6.0.6000.16386 from ricktendo64

    if anyone could help me out thanks =]


  88. 88 macky

    could anybody please teach me how to use this sofware/step-by-step procedure… because i followed the steps i found but when i do it… it seems that there were no changes with my sidebar… thanks. if ever… can you send it to my email…

  89. 89 macky

    could anybody please teach me how to use this sofware/step-by-step procedure… because i followed the steps i found but when i do it… it seems that there were no changes with my sidebar… thanks. if ever… can you send it to my email…..

  90. 90 Andino

    It doesn’t work on a dual monitor setup.

    It won’t allow the sidebar to be placed on the 2nd monitor.


  91. 91 Anon

    this thing is absolutely magnificent. hats off

  92. 92 Anon

    this thing is absolutely magnificent. hats off

  93. 93 HSL

    my windows sidebar is having a problem…. whenever i want to close a gadget, my windows sidebar doesn’t respond and a dialog box appears saying i either have to restart the program, close the program, or wait for the program to respond. But, non of them works…. i was thinking of uninstalling the program and reinstall it back again to solve the problem… is it possible? if yes how do i do it? or is there any other better way to solve this problem? please help me here… and very much thanks to you… i really appreciate your help.. :)

  94. 94 Kamen Georgiev

    Bravo na nashto momche… !!! :)
    Nice… ! :D
    I like it… :)

  95. 95 TIVO

    When I choose the style i want and click apply, sidebar flashes, WSS says style was applied successfully but nothing on the sidebar is changed.

  96. 96 Ferenc

    I have the same problem as many others on this page. When I apply a style, the sidebar flashes, but no style is applied. I have tried the two solutions you mentioned but they don’t work.

    I’m using Windows XP Pro SP2 and the Windows Sidebar Styler x86 version with Alky for Applications. I’ve also tried to use WSS with VAIO but this also didn’t work. Restarting the sidebar or a reboot doesn’t help.

  97. 97 arturo

    awesome ! ! !

  98. 98 Mr Roboto

    Stanimir Stoyanov is my hero. This program is great! If only Microsoft had 1/100th of your imagination they might have succeeded with this. Also it’s got to be gratifying to know that a company such as Stardock is willing to host your program! Thanks and keep up the good work.

  99. 99 Erman

    First, it’s a great program Stanimir, thanks for your work.

    I use Vista 32 Bit Business edition, I change sidebar backgrounds with custom png images and then press “apply style” button, the program says “selected styles was applied successfully” and the sidebar refreshes but nothing seems to change, I tried to change all the images but none available. Am I doing something wrong?

  100. 100 Jacecat

    I wish my sidebar worked… I just got windows vista and I tried opening the sidebar and it wont open

  101. 101 Sarah

    i’ve got the same problem as tivo, ferenc, erman… can i also get instructions, please? (vista home premium, 32)

  102. 102 emadkhan

    i installed vista ultimate but i got a surprise which is there is no side bar installed with vista installation i dont know what to if any one can help
    i looked for download every where but couldnt find one

  103. 103 ChasHI

    Hi Stanimir, Great program idea. It seems I am having the same problem as many here. I have installed the program, but when I push the Apply button the sidebar just flashes and no change. I did right clicked on the sidebar and clicked extensions and then custom styles and the skin changed to the first in alphabetical order. I so far cant affect an change other than that. Even deleting that skin and it still shows up when I click on custom styles. I click on it again and it then shut off and returns to the default skin.
    I am running 32 Bit Vista Premium with SP 1.

  104. 104 valtrap

    SideBar Styler don’t work in windows XP service pack 3 Genuine

  105. 105 George

    Hello, I??m using Windows Sidebar (version 6.0.5744.16384) under VAIO on Windows XP. But when I apply a new style, it doesn’t work and sidebar close every time I try to open it. What I must to do to have nice? And a little question: Where I can download the sidebar version 6.0.6000.16386 and the latest version of VAIO? Thank you! If it’s possible answer me at my e-mail, please.

  106. 106 Jonadab

    I realize now that what I really wanted out of this is probably not possible without recoding all the gadgets from scratch.

    My expectation, having used Gnome environments for years, was that resizing the sidebar would do what you would want it to do: resize the widgets in the sidebar to match. This works in Gnome. (Well, mostly. There are a couple of badly-behaved panel applets that don’t resize properly below a certain width, but they’re not particularly useful anyway, so I’ve always just avoided them.) So you can have a side panel that’s 32px wide, and it really only takes up 32px of space, applets and all. Or 48px. Or 24px. Whatever size you want.

    Instead, all I get on Vista is a resized side panel _background_; the widgets continue to take up unreasonably vast amounts of space, something on the order of a sixth of the whole screen. Which is clearly far too much. I know I can put app windows in front of it, but then it loses most of its usefulness.

    This isn’t the Styler’s fault, of course. Because the sidebar isn’t resizeable in a default installation, gadgets are just not designed to scale to different widths. I doubt if there’s really anything the Styler can do about that.

    This is kind of unfortunate. I think I’m going to end up turning the sidebar off entirely, because of the excessive amount of screen real estate it consumes. Which is a bummer, because in many respects the sidebar is one of the most overdue and potentially useful features in Vista.


  107. 107 Isomer

    Fantastic extension for the Sidebar!

    Had the same problem as many others with the styles not being applied to the sidebar, but this was remedied by exiting and restarting Sidebar, as suggested above.

    I have just one additional feature request… Please can you make it so that when a resized sidebar is on the right of the screen, gadgets are also aligned to the right.



  108. 108 Rodrigo Candido Costa

    Hi guys…

    I have the same problem that the other guys had. I’ve tried many workarounds, like closing the sidebar and reinstaling the programs, but nothing worket yet…
    I don’t know what to do to solve the problem, i’ve writted to Staminir, but he didn’t replied yet.
    If someone else can give me some tips for fixing the Styler, reply here, i’m reading this entry every time i enter o internet to get this problem solved.
    Thanks in advance. Sorry for the bad english, i’m brazillian, ^^

    PS: I’m running Vista Ultimate SP1 X64

  109. 109 Rodrigo Candido Costa

    Hi guys…

    I have the same problem that the other guys had.
    Close the sidebar, uninstall any themes applyed to the bar, aplly new theme and enjoy the new look. These steps worked for me, if someone need more help, contact me by mail or in Windows Live Messenger:

    rodirgocandidocosta @

    Sorry for the bad english, i’m brazillian, ^^

    PS: I’m running Vista Ultimate SP1 X64

  110. 110 darkz

    whoever had the problem with sidebar only showing on display #1 in dualview setup:
    disable the resizable sidebar extension (right click on sidebar tray icon), and restart the sidebar and it should then display on the screen you specified

  111. 111 Mousyusery

    Any possibility of making the screend edge mouse sensetive to pop out the sidebar?

  112. 112 SAAD


  113. 113 cem


  114. 114 X13

    thet’s nice and cool, thank’s for the idea man.

  115. 115 James Johnson

    It would be nice to have a different Vista Theme to the standard boring black theme but sadly all these themes never work no matter what you do. Sometimes you just get taken to a PAY site so this is all a CON!!!.

  116. 116 Aleo

    Great work.

    thanks, Very much.

  117. 117 Symo

    When i had the problem of not being able to move the side bar of my first monitor onto the second monitor i was rather annoyed and found myself here… I had previously installed Sidebar Styler when I only had one monitor setup, and when i setup my second monitor wasn’t able to move it over… But once i disabled all the tickboxes in the “Extension” section of the sidebar menu, i was able to move the side bar to the second monitor, and then re-enable the tickboxes (which once this was done the opposite happened, i couldn’t move the side bar OFF the second monitor (until i disabled the options again))…

  118. 118 Justin

    sorry about my last post but when i downloaded it came up as 0Kb so i downloaded again and it was fine thanx!

  119. 119 hakan uzuner

    thanks for this trick.

  120. 120 Juan

    Where is the download link? I must be overlooking it.

  121. 121 Downeast

    Once I reboot I can’t seem to get my sidebar back on the second monitor, am I missing something or doesn’t it work with two monitors?

    If I uninstall the styler, it goes back to the second monitor when it restarts.

  122. 122 Alok

    My question is I can resize the window, but I want to be able to resize the gadgets within that window. Nobody on this page has talked about it yet… Is it even possible?? And by the way, yes it is an excellent piece of work.

  123. 123 mimo

    not work in xp64 ?? error only

  124. 124 dafmat71

    Hi i’ve searched the dll who is the startbutton, cause i will put a LH button, but i cant find it, can you help me?

  125. 125 dafmat71

    for: tivo, ferenc, erman?
    just doubleclick on a windsidebstyles!! no need the windsidebarwindow!!!

  126. 126 Rrado 007

    I need this program

  127. 127 greg

    no download link!


  128. 128 yasser

    when i execute the application on desktop it’s open but “An error has occured while trying to load Windows Sidebar!
    how could this be?
    please explain me!
    what i’ve to do now?

  129. 129 Yann

    I iinstalled correctly. But when I want to apply a skin or other lay out it does nothing, It just “pinks” 1 time but it’s still the original lay-out.
    Can you help me?

  130. 130 bogis

    hi there..i have dloaded clearo problem now is the start menu and the task menu is not transparent as it should be..what should i do?..i’m using vista ultimate..thx..

  131. 131 Alexis

    “Program is too big to fit in memory”

  132. 132 Bindegal
  133. 133 Charlie

    HI, I am using this tool and its so great!

    One thing though, I have loaded a transparent gradient image I found in a theme in all the right-sided background options….that loads fine but I still have a translucent background which marks the entire area of the sidebar, which shows along with the transparent theme. Help please!

  134. 134 Daniel

    Hi, my name is Daniel.
    I’ve got, a problem.
    I just installed the Windows sidebar styler, and i am trying to apply a skin.
    But it doesn’t work. When i find the skin that i want (on of the sample skins) i click apply skin and it says,Please select the directory of the Windows Sidebar before applying the style, and i find the directory and then it says: A generic error has accured while excutabiling the style or something like…plz help

  135. 135 Danny

    IT WILL NOT INSTALL!!!!!!!!!!

  136. 136 Claudio

    i had sidebar when i buyed my laptop but i uninstaled it and now i reinstalled it but the sidebar doesn’t appear on the desktop screen anymore,do you have any idea why?? when i try to open windows sidebar it’s not opening

  137. 137 Croft

    Thank you! The program works very well in my Windows Vista Home Premium. The program easily pulled in and the use of sampling was fast. Whether the program is now ready for when it is not updated anymore? :)

  138. 138 Hamsterhoden

    Wow, still loads of people here! Too bad the Sidebar Styler won’t work with the new Win 7. Or is there a W7-version that I’ve simply overlooked?

  139. 139 James

    Stanimir Stoyanov,I already download all the windows sidebar styelr and i try to apllied it but it doesn’t show up need your

  140. 140 Carlito

    If any of you are having problems trying to add the skins or customising on Windows XP just right click around the side bar click in the box that comes up bring gadgets to front that should solve your problem.

  141. 141 Anthony

    Is there any way to make the change permenant?
    Every time I restart my computer the skin resets back to the default skin, and I have to run the theme and restart the sidebar.

    Ive tried running a batch file at startup but it doesnt seem to be working.

  142. 142 Hitman

    Does this work with alky?,its not skinning the sidebar for me.

  143. 143 Hitman

    Nevermind it does work,i just had to double click the .wsstyles file

  144. 144 derek

    the 64 bit will not work on my vista basic can you help me?

  145. 145 leomate

    Wow, Work like charm in Windows 7 by using vista sidebar.

  146. 146 Durrigan

    this can’t work on window xp 64 bit …

  147. 147 azwad kaiser

    ya i downloaded it but it wont install.

  148. 148 micho

    i have problem with sidebar styler. it dasnt work, i have xp sp3 and when i execute the application on desktop it?s open but ??An error has occured while trying to load Windows Sidebar!

  149. 149 micho

    help please

  150. 150 Irina

    Hello! I downloaded the program and installed it, but because of her I have a buggy computer. The Label of “add or remove programs” do not open. Please tell me how to remove this program “Windows Sidebar Styler” ???

  151. 151 Jensen

    I click on “more”, then toggle “make windows sidebar resizable” but nothing changes. It’s still the same width and not grabable or anything. What is that toggle supposed to do?

  152. 152 mark

    great really.. i accept more..and more.. stylish

  153. 153 Sago

    A pleasant surprise, it occurs seldom, but the following we can speak of a real bonus value towards person who reads.

  154. 154 Right Windows

    I’m getting ??The selected style was applied successfully?? but no new style applied.” on windows x64. Does anyone else have this message?

    I’m considering just upgrading my OS because of the restrictions.

  155. 155 nien

    work not fuckking slecht bad

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