Windows Media iNFO is a plug-in designed for Microsoft Windows Media Player 10.

WMiNFO DemoIt gathers all available data about the currently played media - whether it is an audio or video stream. The application automatically connects to the user’s FTP server and uploads cover art and additional details which are used to present the information on a web-site, commonly a weblog. All of this is done with a single start of the application which can stay in the System Tray.

Using this kind of plug-ins bloggers could find more friends with similar preferences and share them with others. Such a feature is implemented in MSN Messenger 7, too. It is a Windows Media Player plug-in but can only handle audio files. That is why Windows Media iNFO is designed to work seamlessly with both types. It also keeps the FTP server details secure.


A live demo could be seen on these weblog pages. (Unavailable at the moment.)

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