This section contains various projects and researches that I have worked on. Added are such which involve build 4074.idx02 of Windows Code Name: “Longhorn,” released at WinHEC 2004.

StickyNotes Sidebar Tile

Sticky Notes is Microsoft?s Post-It-type application. The included package is made to work in Windows Code Name: “Longhorn” build 4074.idx02.

‘Hoolie’ is the code name to the new version of Microsoft Desktop Speech Services. A demo application is included.

The Desktop Window Manager API is a fundamental addition to Windows Vista. Learn how to use and manipulate Aero Glass in any application with graphical user interface.

Desktop and “Preview Pane” Aurora are key elements of the AERO experience found in Windows Code Name: “Longhorn,” later known as Windows Vista. This article tracks their development since early conceptual art.

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Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Stanimir Stoyanov is a programmer, four-time Microsoft MVP, and Windows enthusiast.



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