Since when Windows CodeName Longhorn 4074 was released enthusiasts have found a lot of goodies, some of which, were broken or were missing data.
Microsoft’s Post-It-type application is StickyNotes, whose files can be found in %WinDir%\\Microsoft.Net\\Windows\\v6.0.4030\\, one of the folder, which contains most of the goodies. The problem was, that a file of StickyNotes’, StickyNoteBubble.Dll, was missing, which made the available files useless.

How StickyNotes work
StickyNotesThe Annotations Framework, used by StickyNotes, supports several different storage options for saving annotation data ? either as XML data in a text file, within a Microsoft? Windows? File System, code-named “WinFS” file store, within a compound document file, or through an XML stream.
In 4074, StickyNotes use Xml File Store, opened in a text editor, the .stickynote file is very similar to the Xaml documents. Non-text data, Audio streams or ink, is stored as Base64 encoded string. Every single Sticky Note can be attached to an “Annotations-enabled” Xaml element, resized, or even collapsed. In addition, a StickyNote tile can be added to the Sidebar, which, unfortunately, in 4074 only works partially.
StickyNote.exe works using arguments after its file name, here a list of the commands you can use it with:
1) /new — Creates a new sticky
2) /pos %X_pos %Y_pos %FilePathToTheNewSticky — Creates a new sticky, at specified screen position. This is most used to create annotations in Xaml forms.
3) /showall — Starts all available Sticky Notes in %USEPROFILE%\\My Documents\\My Notes\\Sticky Notes, the most common store for sticky notes files.
4) /hideall — *Should* hide all opened notes, but in fact, it seems this doesn’t work

Customizing StickyNotes
StickyNotes Sidebar Tile In fact, every StickyNote can be customized - you can choose either to write in ink, or type text, record audio streams, you can also change note’s color from Tools->Color (the default one is yellow), change the font, set-up a timer for auto-saving the notes’ contents (default value is 60 sec), send the sticky by e-mail (you can choose from sending an image capture of the sticky, an image and the note’s file, or just the contents).

Contents of the Release Package
The package, which you can download from the link below, is split in 3 parts:
1) Automatic ‘installer’, also a controller app, for StickyNoteBubble.Dll and the Sidebar tile (Root folder), which you can use for creating new notes,
2) Script-equivalent of the automatic installer, with which you can see what exactly the installer does, as well as shortcuts for creating a new note and showing all available.
3) The image resources from StickyNoteBubble.Dll for those who are interested in playing with this.

Note: Since the file is from other Longhorn build, there are two known issues: audio controls may not work, because System.Discovery.Dll could be broken, and you can’t save custom settings.

Download: Here
Screenshots: Sticky Notes Sticky Notes (From PDC 2003, thanks to Paul Thurrot) Sticky Notes Controller Application Microsoft Longhorn SDK Annotations Sample

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  1. 1 McGwyn

    Hi the download for the sticky Notes did not work! kann you send me a link which is working - thanx a lot :-)

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  2. 2 Stanimir Stoyanov

    McGwin, the link is now fixed.

  3. 3 Altrus Edwards

    Umm, the link won’t work, just sends a corrupt rar

  4. 4 Stanimir Stoyanov

    It has been confirmed to work, Altrus. Note that it is not a RAR file but a ZIP package.

  5. 5 Rodrigo

    hi, the dowload for the sticky notes didn’t work! can you send me the sticky notes?

  6. 6 Red Anus

    hi my ass is on fire

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